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Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, who has entertained and informed us with videos about life on board the International Space Station for the last five months is coming back home to Earth tomorrow. Hadfield, who first uploaded a video to Youtube back in January simply showing his watch dangling weightlessly around his wrist in zero gravity was one of many subsequent videos posted that reignites child-like wonder and enthusiasm about space. In an age where Earth dwellers periodically inhabiting the heavens has become ordinary, Chris Hadfield¬†reminds us how wonderfully powerful and amazing it is that we can leave Earth and behold the majestic beauty that is our world from beyond. His latest and possibly last video posted from the ISS is a surprisingly well performed cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” that is a perfectly fitting farewell to the stars. What better way to spend your last day among the cosmos than to serenade this beautiful and infinite mistress with a great tune while floating around playing your guitar? Watch and listen to the great cover created by this inspiring space traveler¬†here.

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