Just when you think you’ve seen every direction that advertising could possibly go in, you get something like what Interlude just did for Columbia Records. This interactive video allows viewers to flip through a wide selection of different “channels”, all of which feature people (some real T.V. personalities, some fake) lip-synching the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone. Essentially, the entire world of television perform their normal T.V. shows (including Drew Carey and The Price Is Right) except they’re all magically compelled to do it while singing along to the famous lyrics.

By the way, it just so happens to be released on the same day as Dylan’s new complete album collection.

The video plays up the notion that today’s consumers have a very limited attention span. It also presents old information in a new, exciting way. Many people know the words to the famous Dylan song, but it never had its own video before, let alone something like this. The best part is that it promotes the new CD box set without actually promoting it. It’s only mentioned at the very end, when the video provides a link to the Bob Dylan Official Store, where fans can purchase the set. It’s a genius marketing strategy because it gets people talking about the product without shoving it in their faces, since we’ve already established that Millenials don’t like pushy advertising¬†(See Chipotle Takes on the Food Industry).

You can read more and watch the new video here.

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