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vintage design

What’s in style at the moment will forever be changing, but despite trends that come and go, good design is forever. A good designer will take inspiration from the successful designs of days gone by and knows when it’s appropriate to utilize the trademark vintage styles that made these designs stand out.

Due to limited technology and resources, vintage design is often simplistic in its aesthetic, but pushes what can be done with symbology, shape, abstract ideas and often, some killer hand-drawn illustration work.

With the rise of “craft” everything, we have seen an increase of vintage-style artwork and design, everywhere from coffee shops to bars and even retail chains. Often the style of the design is to appear “hand-crafted”, even if the product is mass produced.

Not surprising, these types of designs have their roots in the works of the past. Before Photoshop and computers, everything in design was hand-crafted. Elements were cut out with an exacto knife and carefully pasted together to create the finished artwork.

Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite vintage abstract designs for your enjoyment. These designs, which range in use from book covers to stamps to now iconic album art could have easily been produced yesterday, and are great examples of how good design really can stand the test of time.



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