Ikea’s New Augmented Reality Catalog Magically Becomes Furniture Wherever You Want


Printed material is getting pretty sophisticated these days. Just when you thought the QR code was the pinnacle pairing of paper and machine, we were introduced to the augmented reality business card. A kind of card that when viewed in tandem with your smartphone, tablet or computer, would bring flat paper to life with 3D images and animations conveying a more living, personal message and identity to prospective customers. Although impressive in it’s own right, this kind of business card pales and is kind of gimmicky when compared to the unique and beneficial use of this technology when it comes to the world of furniture shopping. How many times have you wanted to purchase a particular piece of furniture and wondered what it would look like in your home prior to buying it? Or perhaps not what it would look like, but more so, if it would actually fit? Well, Ikea’s wonderful new sales catalog is the next step towards remedying this conundrum and sure, tape measures abound but this new catalog, using the aforementioned AR tech and a downloadable app, magically puts whatever furniture you’ve got your eyes set on wherever you place it without the actual furniture ever entering your home. You just put the catalog down wherever you want the furniture to be, view the area using a smartphone or tablet, and voila! That comfy couch appears as though it’s sitting right there where you want it. If this sounds far-fetched or you aren’t quite grasping how this is done (understandably so, I didn’t either) found here, is an excellent piece on this new catalog and a promotional video depicting what this actually is and what it looks like in use.




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