If MC. Escher Made Ipad Games, He Would’ve Made Them Like This


Borrowing from Escher’s visual aesthetic, developers at ustwo have created a mind-bending iPad game set to launch early next year. The international design studio, whose clients include Sony’s media app design and H&M’s mobile platform, explains that borrowing from Escher wasn’t even that far-fetched of a concept because , “It turns out that the way Escher thought was very similar to the way computer graphics are designed,” explains Monument Valley’s artist and designer Ken Wong. “Both involve illusion and deceiving the eye as well as deal with the nature of geometry and math in a visual form.”

But, unlike Escher’s pieces, gameplay for Monument Valley, as the game will be called, allows you to see the pieces of these world in movement. As you maneuver your tiny person to a goal at the other side of what can only be called a monument, you must create passages by pulling and turning on certain knobs. Release is slated for an early 2014, but the game can be beta tested now if you’re the impatient type.




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