Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were somehow able to illustrate your ideas on a whiteboard without the limiting constraints of it’s dimensions, as if you could just write on the walls themselves? How about the prospect of just being able to take marker-to-wall and draw life-sized superheroes in an epic battle across your room’s four walls? And what if you could be able to do all this without having to worry about buffing and painting over it later? If this impending creative explosion intrigues you, a company aptly named IdeaPaint has just the thing for you. Their product, with the same name as it’s creating company, is a dry-erase paint which previously thought impossible to create, transforms whatever room(s) you choose to apply it to into one enormous idea board. From classrooms to creative meeting rooms, or even for homes populated by children with the all-too-common wall adorning tendency, ┬áthe possibilities of it’s application are seemingly endless. Read more about IdeaPaint’s fantastic idea-paint here.





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