Ad agencies are getting pretty creative with their handiwork nowadays. Clever, imaginative and multi-purpose advertising is making something of a surge lately, and it’s a welcome sight. One example of this is a billboard that effectively kills bugs while advertising their outdoor pesticide, another sign warns parents while simultaneously conveying a helpful message to children and now IBM, with the help of ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather France,  has entered the fray with their most recent work. Ogilvy & Mather France has set forth with this focus by approaching outdoor advertising with an ad campaign named the People for Smarter Cities Project. Just about everywhere you walk in the city, you are more than likely to have your urban view invaded by some sort form of advertisement. Why shouldn’t these outdoor ads serve a dual function in addition to trying to get you to buy or know about their product? By simply curving the bottom of the ad, it provides a bench for you to take a load off, curve the flip side of another one for use as shelter during an abrupt downpour and even use a more complex one as a ramp providing a more leisurely way to tow your luggage (or bicycle) up small stairways. Most, if not all billboards and sales signs are eyesores folks, it’s nice to see these inventive signs double as something useful while still providing a means for companies to get the word out.

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