Hyperrealistic Self-Portraits by Eloy Morales


It’s one thing when digital artists are able to make their digital designs look hyperrealistic. It’s another thing when an artist is able to do the same kind of detailed work by hand.

Spanish painter Eloy Morales is one of those hyper-talented painters, capable of creating with a brush the kind of sharp detail and realism that elude even the occasional photographer.

His incredible series of self-portraits has recently garnished some international attention, leaving many viewers, including ourselves and the writers over at Viralnova, blown away at the fact that they are looking at a painting and not a photograph. It’s practically unbelievable until you see the artist beside an unfinished piece.

Morales recently released a video showcasing his process and it’s definitely worth watching. Check out the video below, along with some samples of his work.





Category: Art