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Despite their popularity among younger, urban brands, stickers actually hold many uses in the marketing arena. However, because most sticker advertisers target a younger crowd in a more guerrilla marketing type style, luxury brands and other upper-tier advertisers often overlook the many benefits of stickers. Still, stickers are an incredible low-cost way to get your brand name out there in more ways that you may be aware of.

Sticker usage can go well beyond placement on street signs and bumpers, so to explain just how to make the most of stickers for advertising, we’ve put together some of the most creative ways we’ve seen them used, as well as some of our favorite tried and true sticker marketing uses. While this list is in no way comprehensive, it will provide you with some great ideas for your next campaign, or with a way to use the stickers you may have left from an old one.

1. Customize your materials

Your clients already love you, so why not reward their purchase or inquiry with a customized box or presentation folder? Using stickers is an easy way to make these things personalized without having to commit to printing on them. Stickers can be used to close your packaging, like in a bakery, or to decorate a presentation folder that contains your customer’s information or quotes. This is an excellent way to add an extra touch of personalization to your products, and can help elevate your presentation to a new level with the right sticker design.




2. Grab Foot Traffic Attention

Nowadays, stickers can be printed in almost any size, in almost any color, and on a range of materials that are suitable to many different uses. Take advantage of the flexibility and temporary nature of stickers and use them as a storefront decoration that grabs the attention of people passing by your location. Large stickers are usually better for this purpose, and anything from a cracked glass design to your current sales and specials can be printed on them to draw in customers.




3. Create Viral Interest

Pass out and put up enough stickers of your logo and people will take notice, wondering what it could be that they are seeing everywhere they go. Reddit is a well known website for social interaction today, but when it first began marketing itself, the company used stickers to create viral interest. To accomplish this, advertisers need to use a bit of ambiguity in their sticker designs to draw the attention of those that see it. Logo designs are especially well-suited to this form of marketing, which is achieved through market saturation.


4. Think outside the box

The best thing about stickers is that you can put them anywhere. With this in mind, the advertising possibilities become almost endless. With a bit of creativity and by combining other advertising methods, advertisers can create a truly unique campaign using stickers, as evidenced by these campaigns from Lays and The Simpsons Movie. These campaigns use the environment around them to create a sense fun and are undeniably attention-catching, helping solidify the brand’s position even further.





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