How to Mount and Frame Your Own Photos With This Tutorial

Readily available and relatively inexpensive Ikea frames provide a viable alternative for those looking to save money mounting and framing their photos or prints. However, they often lack a museum-quality look, do nothing in the way of a unique or original look, and come in only a limited range of sizes. For those looking for a more hands-on or DIY approach, F-stopper Tony Roslund has put together a video tutorial that takes you through, step-by-step, how his studio and a number of professional photo labs, go about mounting and framing prints using pressure sensitive adhesives and foam board.

The video is part of an ongoing series hosted by Roslund and showcased on Vimeo. The videos are a true treasure trove of tips and tricks for aspiring photographers, including his advice on recommended gear, his method of off-camera-flash shooting, and tip on backing up digital photography, amongst other useful things. Check them out here.




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