How To Give Your Typography a Letterpress Effect In Photoshop

letterpress effectThere are so many possibilities in the field of typography and new design techniques are constantly emerging. This particular post from SpoonGraphics illustrates how to make a letterpress-style texturing effect on Photoshop. What was once viewed as a flaw in traditional printing is now a highly sought after typography style.

The tutorial reveals that the nostalgic, vintage-looking effect is created through a process of layering. You begin by taking a texture file, such as concrete, rust or grunge; desaturating it and raising its contrast. This will¬†generate harsh white details that will represent the paper showing through the ink. Then, move to your plain logo/design and add a Layer Mask. Copy and paste the texture layer onto the layer mask. You may need to invert the mask from ‘white on black’ to ‘black on white’ if too much of the artwork is erased. Unlink the mask from its layer and reposition it if necessary.

You can go to SpoonGraphics for the full tutorial.




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