How Ink For Magazines Gets Made


While scanners, fax machines, label makers and other electronics may fill up our work space, few devices are quite as important as the printer. From desktop publishing to large-scale printing operations, printers and printed materials have become an every-day part of our lives, and we have grown almost oblivious to their ever-important impact.

However, despite the jams, refills and toner spills, few of us actually know how printer ink actually comes about – and why it costs so much. Canadian production Company, Vepo Studios, is out to change all that, and hopes to familiarize the masses with the process behind the creation of printer ink with their latest video.

The Printing Ink Company, located in Western Canada, is no stranger to the process of making ink – the company produces large batches of vividly colored pigment ink for a range of commercial uses. Watch the video below, created by Vepo Studios, to see just how a powder is transformed into the ink that graces the pages of our newspapers and magazines.




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