The prancing black horse with the canary yellow background is a widely known staple of automotive opulence. Used by Enzo Ferrari, who’s name has become synonymous with speed, power and wealth as result of the Ferrari brand of motor vehicles has arguably one of the most identifiable logo designs in it’s industry. But how did it come into being? Having been told only once, the story told by Enzo himself goes like this –

“The horse was painted on the fuselage of the fighter plane of Francesco Baracca — a heroic airman of the first world war. In ’23, I met count Enrico Baracca, the hero’s father, and then his mother, countess Paulina, who said to me one day, ‘Ferrari, put my son’s prancing horse on your cars. It will bring you good luck’. The horse was, and still is, black, and I added the canary yellow background which is the colour of Modena.”

Thus the iconic emblem was born. In 1932 the horse on the yellow shield appeared on the Alfa Romeo cars of the Scuderia racing team and since then, have graced the curvaceously beautiful bodies of Ferrari’s mechanical marvels to this day. Here is a short n’ sweet video about how and when Ferrari’s ubiquitously known logo was first used. Source –

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