Homeless Veteran Gets a Makeover and Turns His Life Around


Take a look at the man in the photo above. If he passed you on the street and smiled at you, would you smile back? What if he approached you to ask you a question? Would you talk to him? Or would you avoid eye contact and brush him off, assuming that you knew what he was after?

What if he was clean shaven with his hair slicked back and dressed in an expensive suit?

We’ve all done it. We do it everyday. Every last one of us has been guilty of judging a fellow human being. Perhaps some of the easiest and most-frequent targets of this are those that belong to our homeless population. It’s so easy to judge someone who is dirty, smelly, maybe even intoxicated- someone who doesn’t look like the rest of us- but it’s good to be reminded that we are all human beings and everyone has their own story.

This man’s name is Jim. He’s a United States Army veteran and when he agreed to be made-over by Dégagé Ministries, Design 1 Salon & Spa, and Rob Bliss Creative, Jim had struggled with poverty and homelessness for years. You can watch Jim’s physical transformation in this video, but more importantly, you can see what the makeover does to his posture and the gleam in his eyes as well. Not to mention, the video closes with an update on Jim’s life, post-makeover. It’s truly inspiring. One simple act of kindness might be all someone needs to turn their life around.






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