Hidden New York Street Artist Revealed and Forced Back into Hiding


His name is Judith Supine… well, sort of…

The Brooklyn-based artist goes by his mother’s name, which he took as a prank. People didn’t even know he wasn’t a women until recently because he’s notoriously preferred anonymity. He finally revealed his identity last week in an open press interview at Mecka Gallery.

However, the popular artist, who is patronized by many celebrities including Kanye West, is now in hiding once more.

Supine recently posted a video of himself scaling the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge to install a new art piece. Although this isn’t the first time he’s climbed a bridge to install an artwork, the video went viral amidst recent news of thrill-seekers trespassing the new World Trade Center. New York Sen. Chuck Schumer held a press conference calling for better security on all area bridges and police are investigating Supine’s stunt.

You can read his interview with the Huffington Post here and catch his latest exhibition, Golden Child, at Mecka Gallery.

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