It’s pretty much an always appreciated occurrence when modern design harkens back to the past success of yesteryear. Lucky for us, designers are always on the lookout to infuse their work with homages to all themes retro. This is especially the case when dealing with the neon, futuristic brilliance prevalent in the epic epoch we remember as the 80’s. Most, if not all, can agree that the fashion sense (or lack thereof) from this time period will sorely not-be missed but the design work made by creatives during these fluorescent and neon-soaked years are sure to remain as eye-fetching today as they were then. Found here is an excellent collection of various contemporary designs utilizing all the outer-spacey, glowing, geometric design principles that made the 80’s such a fun and captivating era. If you’d like to perhaps learn a thing or three about how to create your own retro 80’s lighting effects, found on abduzeedo.com, is a nice Pixelmator tutorial that will help lead the way to this vibrantly nostalgic design style.

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