Here’s a Collection of Similar Logos Representing Very (Sometimes Not So Very) Different Brands


It’s pretty difficult to come up with anything that hasn’t already been done before. A good way to confirm this by example is just by looking at how musicians and filmmakers are now remixing, covering and re-envisioning past work from other artists at an alarming rate in comparison to years past. The design field is not exempt from this current trend. Not done with malicious intent, more so than being affected by the mathematical improbability something hasn’t been done before in one way or another. This is something of an almost inevitable occurrence given the time our collective creative spokes have been turning, and how we’re all exposed to the same patterns, shapes and fonts again and again. This grouped with the exponential growth of creatives actively creating makes for a hard time branding in a way that’s truly unique. Some believe this is a problem in the branding field because it’s one area where being unique and standing out ┬áis revered as being a goal of paramount importance while others think this nigh-inexorable consequence of being creative for so long is something to embrace and find new and creative ways to still be unique while implementing the success of the past (or sometimes, present) Here you’ll find a collection of very similar looking branding designs and logos (although some appear as direct copies of other logos with a simple name difference) that depict this exact concept.




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