If you’re one of the fortunate well traveled, chances are high that you’ve noticed some rather strange installations and uncommon sculptures adorning airports all over the U.S. Or if you’re even more fortunate, you may have even flown out and seen some of the weird and funny stuff they have welcoming you at  baggage claim carousels when you’ve arrived in Japan. If you’re not one of the aforementioned well traveled, and don’t regularly arrive at different airports you probably haven’t noticed, airport art is… different. Not to say or even imply that it isn’t attractive but it’s yea, different. Like say, Dennis Oppenheim’s Crystal Mountain at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (pictured above) that looks like something that could pass as a miniature of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or another sculpture at Edmonton International Airport of what appears to be a few dozen copper T-1000’s trying to emulate furniture. Found here is a short collection featuring seven examples of the colorful light installations and sometimes strange sculptures found in airports around the country.

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