There’s an odd beauty that is possessed by an ambigram. Whether it be rotationally symmetrical, reflective or three-dimensional, these mystifying word-works that are somehow able to convey the same or different words from different viewing orientations are often intriguing and certainly difficult to create. The ambigram became pretty popular after the publishing of Dan Brown’s book “Angels and Demons” in which some of the most identifiable ambigrams are used. These typographical marvels are used these days for logos, album covers as well as some tattoo designs creating a branding that’s truly unique (pun not intended). A nice collection of 40 different ambigrams can be found here featuring the famous ‘Illuminati’ design as well as some others that either jump out at you immediately, or are difficult to discern. This one aspect, if used for product branding might not be such a great idea but still, they’re interesting and fun to figure out.

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