GoPro is known for creating the premiere action camera of adrenaline junkies everywhere, a camera which can be taken everywhere from the depths of the murkiest river to the top of the snowiest mountain. As a result, there are a lot of amazing segments of footage shot with their tiny Hero Cameras that the company then sources to promote their line of action cameras.

For their latest video of the week, the action-camera manufacturer teamed up with the pioneer of the big-mountain freestyle movement, Travis Rice, RedBull snowboarding team member John Jackson, two-time extreme skiing world champion Chris Davenport, and adventurer, artist, photographer and big mountain skiing extraordinaire Lyndsey Dyer to capture what it’s like to feel the cold wind of mountain air at 13, 000 ft.

The video not only showcases what these little cameras are capable of, but it more importantly showcases the awe-inspiring views and death-defying drops that these athletes are faced with every time they ride. It is both a truly beautiful sight and an exhilarating thrill ride, and we strongly recommend you watch in full screen.

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