Hatching the Twitter Logo


Several years ago, when the societal and business impact that Twitter had on our daily lives became apparent, stories began emerging about its inception, its creation, and its evolution. Now, New York Times reporter and columnist Nick Bilton has released a book called Hatching Twitter, which focuses on the social platform’s back story. In it, he describes the various steps that Twitter underwent actually becoming Twitter.

Now, in a recent blog post on his website, Bilton shares the various steps of transformation that the logo itself underwent. From early concepts where the service was destined to be called “SMSsy” to its current incarnation, seeing the way this iconic brand took shape is as interesting as it is informative. In his short post, Bilton explains that how for co-founger Noah Glass, what was important for the logo was to “inspire youthfulness, because old is boring…and nothing is worse than boring.”

Below you can see some of the older mock-ups for the logo featured on Bilton’s website, but be sure to read the rest of the article for more insight from Bilton and Glass, and thoughts from the current logo designers on how it wasn’t so favorably received. Goes to show that sometimes, it’s important to stick with your instinct, despite what the general public says.

via nickbilton.com

via nickbilton.com




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