Look at that. pretty, isn’t it? What makes what you see above even more impressive beyond it’s beautiful intricacy is that it’s 3D printed with sandstone (a huge departure from all the previously plastic 3D printed offerings) and created entirely using an algorithm that replicates, divides and repeats forms seen in the striking work of artist H.R. Giger. If you don’t know who that is, Giger is known best for being the genius behind the designing all of the incredible artwork found in all the Alien movies. Knowing this, look again at the image above again. If it looks somewhat familiar to you, that might be the reason why. Designers Michael Hansmeyer and¬†Benjamin Dillenburger first unveiled a portion of their Digital Grotesque project at Materializing Exhibition in Tokyo and as on July 22nd, is now complete. Peruse an interesting article about this unbelievably creative undertaking and view more beautiful photos and a video ¬†of it here

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