As 2013 finds itself zooming towards its close, year-end best-of lists are being compiled and shared on every possible platform by every possible publisher, none more important than Google. As they do annually, the internet services provider has put together an almost blindingly long list of this year’s top-trending searches. The list itself is worth looking at, and covers a variety of topics ranging from the most-searched fashion icons to the most-searched beers and everything in-between.

But then, being smart the way the people at Google are, they took their best-of list one step further. In the short video below, Google visualizes the searches that have touched us as a people, gathering them into categories such as “new frontiers” and “goodbyes”. The video follows the same foolproof method that the company has been employing for ages for much of their marketing, which somehow manages to inspire its users while encouraging engagement with the company’s products.

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