Google Font API

Google, the company that will soon own the world, has released a tool that has answered a lot of web design prayers. As a web designer myself, the longest and most annoying process for me is deciding what font to use and what alternative fonts look best with it. Also, we all know all the limitations we have and in reality, who wants to skip step one of SEO and add a clunky banner as your header and call it a day?

Well Google is working on a library of fonts that will DEFINITELY help you out and make it much easier to choose a beautiful font for your website. Many of us have a reference to a website that might do the same thing or something similar but, Google is better. Period.

It’s literally a 15 second step if you decide to go this route. All you have to do is link to your desired font, and reference it within font-family. Done!

Make sure you check out the beta list of the fonts they have to offer. Use it, abuse it and maybe soon they’ll start adding to their library. Hopefully, they also start paying attention to those suggesting fonts to add.

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Category: Typography