It seems that every product that Google slaps it’s name on has a single operative purpose; to blur the lines between tech, the human body and the way we live, integrating them into a seamless working system. It’s latest product to garnish much buzz was the recently released Google Glass, which allows users to access data using gestures and voice commands, taking real-world interaction to a whole new level.

Now, the tech giants are working on a new product aimed at gathering data from inside the body rather than out. The Smart Lens, still under development, includes a network of miniature chips and sensors that are the size of a speck of glitter, designed to analyze a person’s glucose levels through their tears.

Any contact lens wearer will tell you that after wearing over a certain amount of time, contacts become barely noticeable and infinitely convenient. Google knows that and has now designed this minimally invasive device to allow wearers who suffer from diabetes to actively monitor their health with little to no effort on their own part. For the one of every 19 people afflicted with the disease, this means no more pricking, no more testing, and no more worrying.

Currently, the lens is able to produce a reading every second and features microscopic LED lights which indicate when glucose levels have crossed above or below certain thresholds. However, the Smart Lens prototypes are currently under testing and Google is currently in discussion with the FDA, but no date has been announced for when they will be officially released.

Read more about the Smart Contact on Google’s Blog.

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