Google Will Now Be Entering the Domestic Tech Industry with Nest

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Google reps recently announced their $3.2 billion acquisition of the domestic-tech startup company, Nest Labs. The acquisition comes as a continuation of Google’s attempt to diversify its portfolio of devices beyond phones and tablets. Nest Labs are the makers of a smart thermostat and smoke detector/ carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that are designed to be managed remotely.

The Nest Thermostat can optimize and program itself, learning from your temperature changes. It observes what temperatures you like and builds you a personalized schedule, setting them on its own. It also features a function called Auto-Away, which automatically turns the thermostat to an energy-saving temperature when you’re not home. And of course, what’s a smart device if it can’t be controlled by your smart phone?

Nest Protect, the smoke and CO alarm, constantly tests itself and sends you early warnings before turning on the loud alarm (in case it’s just your husband frying chicken). It lights up yellow and speaks to you in a human voice, telling you where the smoke or CO levels are rising. Protect will send you a text message when the battery needs to be replaced and you can silence alarms by simply waving your hand below it. Smart, right?

Google seems to think so. They reportedly paid the $3.2 billion for Nest in cash. Other than that, however, Nest will continue to operate under the leadership of their CEO and co-founder, Tony Fadell and with their current brand identity. It looks like Google will focus on international expansion of the current products. We look forward to seeing what they create together.





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