Google and NASA Are Joining Forces To Create AI Using Quantum Supercomputers


We’re inching closer and closer to realizing the once sci-fi limited prospect of possibly creating artificial intelligence. Google and NASA have come together with the goal of advancing machine learning. The project dubbed: The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, which is hosted at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California will house a quantum supercomputer which will be accessible to researchers from around the world in an effort to make advances in artificial intelligence. Google’s angle in this is the theory that by harnessing the abilities of these algorithm-learning supercomputers, they will be able to better develop web searching tools and speech recognition technology, and even assist researchers in the creation of better models of disease and climate patterns. Google already gets comically referred to as being the predecessor of Skynet, and by the looks of it, with it’s involvement in creating AI, it appears they’ve embraced it. Read more about Google’s interest and involvement in this ground-breaking technology here.




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