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Monotype is an online library that provides high-quality typefaces for publishing and media. Their app, Typecast, allows you to test out thousands of different web fonts before you buy (like Rhapsody, but for fonts). The app has been very successful and even won them a Game Changer of the Year award from .Net Magazine. But they didn’t stop there.

They’ve recently teamed up with Google to create a free version of Typecast. This version also allows creatives to experiment with cool new fonts, albeit from a limited selection, but with this app they can create their work in the typeface they choose and save or export it for free. Here’s where Google comes in: designers can also take any font they like from Google Fonts (also free) and use Typecast to further manipulate the font and to create text of any length. The premium version is also worth checking out for those who want a wider selection.

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