Goodbye Burgers! New Study Proves Junk Food Leads to Memory Loss.


For every health-food fanatic out there, there is a health advocate warning of the negative effects of over-consumption of fast foods. Still, whether because we are pressed for time, far from home or finding ourselves in serious need of a burrito after a hard night of partying, we continue to drive-thru. Now, a new study claims that those late-night fast-food bouts we are all faced with may in fact be leading to some serious memory loss. After some research Australian scientist found that after just six days, patients, “performed less well on a spatial memory task.”

This latest threat only adds to the list of negative effects of eating too much fast food, but we don’t expect to see Burger King joints across the country suddenly boarded up. We just expect to wake up to Whopper wrappers littering our bedroom floor, and have absolutely no idea how they got there. Read more on the article here.

Cover image via the Gothamist




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