Adobe, the developer of the world renowned photo editing and creative program Photoshop is changing the way they make their tools and services available to their consumers. The way Adobe provided their products previously was selling updated versions of it’s programs, be it CS3, 4, 5 or any of it’s other subsequent versions. Now though, with the emergence of cloud-based streaming, customers will now access the new iterations via Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This change has been made to potentially lower piracy significantly while enabling subscribers an easier way to stay up to date. Adobe customers will now be charged a monthly 50 dollar fee to access this content as opposed to dropping that huge annual dollar dump. This is expected to cater to a larger group of potential customers and will entice existing customers with new tool updates such as the Camera Shake Reduction tool ( If you don’t know what that is, you MUST see it in action. It’s amazing ) and the Camera Raw filter among others. Irate pirates aside, this seems to be a sure footed step in the right direction. Read more about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud in all it’s magnificence here.

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