Go Behind the scenes at the Hot Wheels Design Studio

It doesn’t really matter if you are a girl or a boy, everyone knows Hot Wheels. Whether is was their airing-every-two-seconds commercials between your favorite cartoons, or your little brother’s tendency to leave them lying around the house, or your fantasy of owning the real version of your favorite three-inch die-cast replica, Hot Wheels are almost ubiquitous with childhood.

It’s no surprise then that working at the Hot Wheels design studio is basically a real-life version every little boy’s dream. Driven by imagination, the Hot Wheels design team dreams up spectacular ideas of tiny vehicles, which are then brought to life for the enjoyment of all.

Now, the Mattel Corporation brand is inviting kids and grown ups alike to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the company’s El Segundo, California headquarters, housed at the Mattel Corporation. In the video, Vice President of Design, Peter Holst, shows viewers how they can make their very own Hot Wheels with the car maker, shares the almost unbelievable number of designs they make every year, and shows off the company’s immense racing track which seems to play host to some pretty serious in-office competition.

But be forewarned, the video, posted below, may make you really reconsider the life choices that landed you anywhere but working for Hot Wheels.





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