Here at, we know the value of giving back and do a lot of pro bono work on behalf of our community. We greatly encourage our readers and clients to do the same and contribute their time and products whenever possible. So we were pleased to hear about the new way social media is molding itself to fit other’s humanitarian needs.

Just as quickly as the social media platforms are changing, so are their uses and functions. For example, Twitter now allows followers to add philanthropy to their bios. By partnering with, a technology dedicated to fundraising, they plan to launch the first official Social Media Giving Day on July 15. Their hopes are to set, “a world record for the most donations given in one day through social media”.

But you don’t have to wait for Giving Day to contribute. “The idea for Givver originally came out of our fundraising efforts on behalf of the President and other non-profits, ” Givver’s co-founder Chris Sommers said. The concept was tested during the Obama for America campaign.

Givver’s mission is to turn followers into givvers by, “attaching dollars to the emotion, ” feeding off of the impulsive nature of social media. Twitter’s real-time availability allows followers to donate to their favorite charities in the time it takes to type 140 characters. More importantly, they hope to use the power of social media to influence others to contribute.


Here’s how it works: Twitter followers create an account with Givver,
which includes saving their credit card information on their secure site. Then, all they have to do is Tweet “#Give” followed by the dollar sign and amount of their contribution plus the name of the organization they want to contribute to. Ex.: “#Give $25 to @MakeAWish”. Taadaa! Givver handles the rest and, except for a small card handling fee by Stripe,  it’s free for the donors and the organizations.

Would you be willing to Tweet away your cash for a good cause? Do you see a givving trend in our future?



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