Businesses want to inform as many people as possible about what they offer. One way to get exposure is by Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM), a mail delivery service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

EDDM Retail is a cost-effective, simple, and easy-to-use mailing system that allows businesses to send 5, 000 mail pieces per zip code, daily. Printed pieces are delivered to every active address in the area without requiring a postage permit to do so.

This allows businesses to blanket an entire route, marketing their services to both residential and commerce locations.

EDDM is often used by businesses in the service industry and is a great marketing tactic for companies to get their coupons directly to their comsumers. Offering coupons in the mail, or for restaurants, offering menus to an entire mailing route, can be an incentive for consumers to buy.

Another option is to choose EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) which, with a postage permit, allows larger quantity of mail to be delivered. This option is good for larger businesses who are looking to blanket entire cities with their print marketing.

While this might sound complicated, it is all actually accomplished without even having to acquire a mailing list. Thanks to the USPS’ new EDDM tool, the process is simplified and can be done completely online. The area of delivery can be chosen via an interactive map that lists number of residents, businesses and the cost of delivery. Once routes have been chosen, all you have to do is drop your mailers off at the corresponding post offices. They even give you the option of paying online.

Let’s face it, mail that is not directly addressed  can be easily considered junk. It’s a constant battle for businesses to get consumers to give up their valuable attention and their hard-earned dollars. However, don’t disregard the allure of tangible advertising. The same way that some people still prefer hard copy books over e-books, or physical birthday cards as opposed to e-greetings, people make immediate connections with things they can touch, which makes EDDM a good option.

By using EDDM for the distribution of print advertising,   businesses can target areas and be widely noticed at a relatively low cost. With the right design and eye-catching colors, EDDM mailing offers businesses larger exposure and a means to really connect to their consumers.

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