earthday-smallEarth Day is arguably the most globally celebrated ‘birthday’ on… well Earth. April 22nd is a day we, the inhabitants of this beautiful, blue orb try to right the wrongs of our carbon-stamped past. Necessity being the mother of invention could not be a more proven statement given the way that things have shifted in recent times. Especially with the looming, nigh inexorable, energy crisis knocking on our door. Just about every industry, either willfully or mandated by government, is operating with standards that are geared towards minimizing the adverse effects it has on our world. More and more people are becoming aware of this and are taking strides towards becoming involved with the goal of eradicating the negative impact our current systems have on our planet, and with this comes the Green movement we know today. Events spanning the globe today seek to inform, educate and advocate new forms of energy and more eco friendly methods of utilizing existing ones as well as planting trees and cleaning up our environment. In New Zealand, Kawai Purapura is spearheading a series of Earth Day events, including a tree-planting, a composting workshop, organic gardening classes, and environmental films and activities for children. In the Cayman Islands, the Chamber of Commerce will host a beach and reef clean-up, as well as a children’s poster contest about recycling. They expect about 1500 volunteers to participate. Meanwhile, in Sudan, the musical group “3 Meters Away” will be hosting an Earth Day-themed concert, an environmental art exhibition, and a roundtable discussion on the effects of climate change. Numerous events are happening all around you this April 22nd, and if for some reason, there isn’t an event around you, and you are inclined to do so, get involved by Googling events in your area.


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