Get Them In The Door: Event Flyers Dos and Dont


If you’ve ever found yourself in a high-traffic area, chances are, you have had a promoter¬† hand you a flyer for his or her event. Over his cries of buy one get one specials and reduced admission for ladies, you may have scanned the event flyer and perhaps even considered making it out to the party. Then you went home and promptly forgot all about the promoter, the event, and the flyer, which you probably either tossed to the side dismissively or is lost in some deep recess of your car.

With attention spans as fleeting as they are in our fast-paced society, the moment where a potential guest scans your flyer for the first time is a crucial one. You, as the promoter, have about 30 seconds to make an impact before they stop looking and move on to the next thing, so it’s important to get the design of your event flyer right.

Fortunately, we know a thing or two about club and event flyers, and put together a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for the next time you gear up to flyer for your party or event.

1. Make it Visual, but Don’t Follow The Rules

How many flyers have you seen with a girl in a provocative position with flashing lights behind her? We’re willing to bet it’s been quite a few. And we’ll double our bet to say you can’t remember a single one of them. Sure club flyers have a particular audience to cater to, but that doesn’t mean your design has to be the same cookie-cutter design as all the others. Create a flyer that your audience wants to keep, or even better, one that they want to share. Dazzle them with artwork, and then remind them that ladies get in free.

2. Keep It Simple

How much information do you think a person can really digest in 30 seconds? The answer is: not a lot. Pander to your audience’s busy life by keeping your flyer simple and straight forward. Your future guests will thank you for not overwhelming them with text and it will be easier for them remember the important details. If you need to provide further details, make it easy for your guests to access a website or Facebook page by including a QR code or url.

3. Play With Text

If there is no way around putting a lot of text on your flyer, then let the text be the focus. Cramming images into a design just to have images in a design is not always the solution. A good designer will be able to play with the typography in a way that is not only beautiful to look at, but that also showcases information in such a way that allows your readers to easily take it in.

4. Avoid the Logo Soup

Sure, you need to promote all your artists, their labels, their sponsors, the club, the DJ, the lighting company, etc. Including tiny, indiscernible logos at the bottom your flyer is not how to get this done. The logo soup, aside from being a design eyesore, are largely overlooked, even when they feature logos large enough to actually make out.

5. Make a Statement With Color

Just because your event takes place at night, doesn’t mean your flyer needs to be dark. Bright bold colors are an easy way to attract attention and incite interest. Using color to your advantage can take your design to the next level and help your flyer stand out from the pack.

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