Get Rack Card Marketing Right and Expand Your Customer Base

rack card marketing
As a resident in your city, you probably overlook Rack Card displays around town, but these ubiquitous, makeshift info centers are located all over most towns. You will find them in airports, diners, hotels, restaurants, tourist welcome centers, rental car agencies, and just about every other place out-of-towners may end up.

In essence, a rack card is a simplified flyer, usually printed double sided on either a a 3.5” x 8.5” or a 4” x 9” card. The simplicity of the rack card makes it possible to have an incredibly focused campaign. It is also an excellent place to include at-a-glance information for any potential visitor to your business.

When setting out to design your rack card, be sure that you select your message appropriately. Knowing that your audience will most likely be made up of out-of-towners, be sure to avoid using any localized slang or denominations. You, your regular, and neighbors may know what you mean when you say you’re located next to the old Dairy farm, but chances are, visitors or those new to your town have no idea. Speak to them in a generalized language and provide plenty of information so that they can find you easily, whether they are taking public transportation, have rented a vehicle, or are attempting to explain to a cabbie where they need to be.

Keeping your audience in mind, its also important to craft specials and deals that are tailored to them. Their time is limited, which means that they are not the right crowd to promote your loyalty program to. Think of providing them an added value, instead. Offering a free kids meal or reduced admission with the card can offer you more return on your investment, as not only will it prompt budget visitors to make a stop at your location, but it will also encourage them to keep the card on hand, keeping your brand or business within their reach during their visit.

When designing a rack card, be sure to also take placement into consideration. Placing your call out or call-to-action towards the bottom is ill-advised, as this part of the rack card will be hidden in the rack itself. Place your most important, eye-catching information on top to ensure it is seen. It also helps to design a clear front and back to your card. This will help whoever is filling the rack card to place your card into the rack correctly, so your message sticks out. This is especially important in rack-card marketing, as your card will be placed along many others competing for attention. Giving tourists a message they can take in without effort, one specifically aimed to draw them into your business, helps your card stand out from the pack.

Whatever you do, regardless of your design or your aesthetic, remember to appeal to your audience. Stick with promotions that work for short-term guests to a new city, and be sure to design your card in a way that makes your message stand out, even before your card is picked up.




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