There’s something about a good ol’ hedge maze that inspires an inherent urge to want to dive into one of them and try to figure the way out. (Who doesn’t love the Jack Torrance versus hedge maze scene in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”?) Since the 16th century these lost-bringing leaves have been decorating the lawns and lands of the royal and privileged and are still prevalent and increasingly impressive today. First being created on acres upon acres of foliage constructed originally from evergreen herbs, these mazes were eventually created using the more robust dwarf box.┬áBut nowadays, it seems cornfields have become the best and most widely used foundation for constructing these beautiful, ┬álabyrinthian gardens. Found here are 23 fine examples of ┬ámazes, most created with leaves, others with stone, ice, mirrors, cellophane and one even made entirely with books.


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