Game of Thrones Intro Made out of Paper Cutouts

game of thrones paper
In this world, there are few forces that drive creativity farther than fandom. A true, deep love of something, whether it be an animal, place, person or television show, can lead a creative mind towards the creation of something great. Businesses, spinoffs, websites, and many others have all been created – and some have even found success – in homage to something that sparks excitement in its creator.

That is what Italian video and animation Studio Dadomani set out to capture in their latest ad, created for renowned journal maker Moleskine. Using their own affinity for Game of Thrones, and the Moleskine’s propensity as a catch-all for budding ideas, the studio recreated the entire Game of Thrones intro using pages from Moleskine books.

Filmed in stop motion, the studio used a mind blowing total of 7,600 paper cut outs to create their version of Westeros, including every possible detail, including an incredibly accurate emblem for the House of Baratheon. Despite all the detail and paper used to create the video, the entire project amazingly, took only one week to complete. Watch the video below, and learn about the project here.






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