Fresh Typography: More than just letters

Typography is arguably the most important element of most design pieces. What better way to communicate an idea than to literally spell it out.

The style of the lettering used often sets the tone and energy for the rest of the piece. Before printing and computers, hand-lettering was the norm. Once printing presses and typewriters came on to the scene, fonts were established, enabling mass production and ultimately shaping our modern world.

Nowadays, designers are armed with thousands of fonts, easily accessible and often free. Because of this, it is more important than ever to know how to correctly use these resources to create images that clearly communicate the idea behind the design and distinguish it from all others.

A huge trend with typography at the moment is using 3D-rendered type to catch the eye of consumers. Some artists have even gone as far as animating some of their rendered artwork, certainly a new technique to the already versatile means of using lettering.

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