Four Celebrities That Were Graphic Designers

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Celebrities hold a special place in our hearts. For whatever reason, we look up to them, idolize their choices and envy their paychecks. But not every celebrity is born into the life of fame and notoriety that they are they ultimately known for. Some celebrities begin their careers as something completely different then what they up being known for. Some started out cashiers, others as chefs, and a select few even began as graphic designers. In fact, former graphic designers who became celebrities are among some of the most creative performers we know to this day . Obsessed with creative arts, below are four celebrities who began their careers as graphic designers.

1. David Bowie – that eclectic sensibility didn’t come from nowhere. Bowie was actually a student at Bromley College of Art in the early ’60s, specializing in layout and typesetting. In fact, Bowie’s signature dilated pupil was a result of a fight with an art school colleague over a girl. Interestingly, that student, George Underwood, went on to create the artwork for several of Bowie’s early albums (more)

2. Freddie Mercury – Mercury’s belting vocals are among the most easily recognizable in music. Surprisingly, so too is one of his designs. A graduate of Ealing College of Art, (alongside other celeb musicians Pete Townshend and Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood), Mercury graduated with a diploma in graphic design, and is actually the creative mind behind Queen’s iconic crest logo. (more)

3. Phil Hartman – Despite his iconic roles on television and film, Hartman didn’t catch his big break in acting until his 40’s, giving him plenty of time to purse an alternative career. After completing his degree in graphic arts at Cal State Northridge in 1974, Hartman spent the better part of the next decade working as graphic designer. In fact, Hartman is responsible for a number of cover designs for famous bands, including America, Poco and Steely Dan. (more)

4. Alan Rickman – Perhaps most contemporaneously known for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter film franchise, Rickman has been a celebrity figure since the early 90’s, when he played Hans Gruber alongside Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard Film. Rickman however has a relatively successful career as a graphic designer, even forming his own design studio, Graphiti. Rickman, however, abandoned his design career in 1972 once he was accepted into the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts.(more)




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