Recently featured in Schön! Magazine, this whimsical series of photographs by fashion photographer Martin Tremblay and styling studio Pascal & Jeremie Concept, called Fortune Cookie, turns fashion models on their heads on the streets and shops of Chinatown. Models Bayan and Cat are seen resting delicately on their coifs wearing pieces by haute couture fashion houses such as Givenchy, Marie Saint Pierre and Dolce & Gabbana for the shoot, which as the editorial on Schon states, “…becomes an adventurous quest, where the laws of reason are twisted.”

The photos take a non-traditional spin on what are typically traditionally straight forward photos of models posing in apparel. The spin brings the fashion itself to the foreground, forcing the viewer to focus on the strange juxtaposition of the model who seems completely out of place in her surroundings, defying gravity, but looking great doing it.

See more of the spread on Schön! Magazine.


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