With so many beautiful typefaces out there, it can be hard to pick a standout font for your project. That’s why each week, we will be highlighting a single font that is currently available to license.

A modern font that pegs itself as “humanist”, the Nauman font family is comprised of a whopping 20 fonts (10 weights plus matching italics for each weight). Designer Jonathan Hill even had the foresight to draw some serif-like details into uppercase ‘I’, ‘J’ and lowercase ‘i’ and ‘j’ in order to achieve better readability and allow for visual distinction even at small point sizes.

The Nauman font family consists of more than 800 characters including several alternative lowercase letters, 7 variations of numerals, true small caps with accents, manually edited kerning and numerous OpenType features.

Available for sale via,  the entire Nauman font family is available to license for $200 and is available in a variety of license formats and languages.

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