Famous Photos Reimagined as Selfies


In an ideal world, everyone would have a personal photographer, make-up crew and a touch-up artist to help them document every waking moment. But this is not an ideal world, this is the real world, and when there is no one around to shoot that precious moment for you, well then you really have no choice but to reach out and hit the trigger yourself.

Ah, the selfie; the ubiquitous art form that has emerged as a result of vain obsession with ourselves and our ease of access to publishing platforms. While it may be shunned by many, it does provide a type of intimacy and closeness that can often not be re-created at the hands of someone other than yourself. After all, who knows you better than yourself?

That seems to be the idea behind the recent ad campaign for South African newspaper the Cape Times. The series, created by Lowe South Africa re-imagines some of the most iconic images of journalistic history as selfies, under the tagline “you can’t get any closer to the news.” Now, as much as selfies of your friends can be a burden (or a bore) in your Instagram feed, these clever re-imaginings are made interesting by the tagline. The series was recently featured on AdWeek, in which they were touted as being “a worthwhile use” of the selfie, something they claim was basically impossible.

Check out the article for more of the advertisements.




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