You have seen them many times, as they are images that are engraved into our subconscious. You can’t be sure when or where the first time you saw them was, but you know that once you saw any of these iconic images, you were going to remember them forever. Like the unknown true subject of the Mona Lisa, or the true authors of the Bible, the artist behind these iconic images, however, remain to most a perpetual mystery.

At the most, we have read their names in image captions, and that had been enough for us. But for photographer Tim Mantoani it was certainly not. Perhaps because Mantoani is a photographer himself, he understands how easy it is to get lost behind the lens. His solution was simple, and over the course of several years, Mantoani compiled an iconic photo-series of his own for a book published in January of 2012 called Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends in which he shoots portraits of famous photographers with their most iconic works in hand.

Each image has, in its own creator’s own handwriting, a brief description of how the image came about, and include the makers of such great shots as Marilyn wrapped in those white sheets and the Beatles goofing around.

Hat tip to Chase Jarvis for the heads up.

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