Face Paint Artist Travels Through Circle of Life in a Stop-Motion Video

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This video was originally posted on Vimeo last September and garnered 150k views in just three days.

The stop-motion short film, titled Ruby features British artist Emma Allen as she repeatedly transforms her own face with the help of a mirror and some face paint.

Through out each frame, she fluidly ages, becomes an old woman, then a skeleton and you get to watch her be reborn as she passes through the existential Circle of Life, painting over each previous look to create the next. It took Allen five days of face painting and over 750 photographs to create the film.

The artist deeply described it as, “An animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another.”

Ruby is being shown at the Momento Mori art show at Changing Spaces studio in Cambridge until March 27th. Allen is also the founder of an arts charity based in Sri Lanka where she runs art workshops and fundraises for disadvantaged children.





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