Erik Johansson’s Impossible Photorealism


Swedish photographer Erik Johansson loved to draw as a child. And when he was gifted his first digital camera at the age of fifteen, Johansson says he didn’t like that the creative process was over once you clicked the shutter button.

He began teaching himself how to digitally manipulate his shots, eventually combining several photos together for a surreal outcome. His work is so well done, you have to remind yourself that what you’re looking at is impossible.┬áToday, he works with both personal and commissioned projects all over the world.

Johansson was even a guest speaker at the TED conference in London in November 2011.

“It’s just really about combining different realities,” Johansson explained at TED.

He gave three simple rules to achieve a realistic result: Keep the same perspective, use the same type of light and make it impossible to distinguish where each image begins and ends. You can watch his full TED talk here.


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