Bugs and body parts are, for the most part, pretty gross. Indeed, when you imagine the beautiful things in the world, seldom do  insects come to mind. Yet somehow, when an artist decides to create the image of these off-putting biological things out of flowers, found materials and recycled garbage, they suddenly transform to something beautiful and surreal.

Edouard Martinet is one of these artists who can see beyond the yucky to the core of what it is that makes something beautiful, and then takes that beauty to a new level through his artistic ability and out-of-the-ordinary view of objects. In fact, when looking at his collection of bugs and insects recently featured on Collosal, it is not only difficult to “believe the raw materials he used ever existed in another form”, but also that these bugs have ever been anything but beautiful.

The amount of detail in his work is insane. From perfectly replicated dragonflies made from car horns and bike lights, to yellow jackets that borrow the steel tips from boots to form their stripes, each of his sculptures are a mind-blowing look at how one man’s trash really can become another man’s art.

Below are our three favorite pieces by Martinet, but be sure to hop on over to colossal to see the rest of the spread and additional detail shots.

Martinet via colossal
martinet colossal
martinet colossal2

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