These days, a business cannot realistically exist and flourish without some sort of web presence. Depending on your industry, some companies, especially those in the design and service industries end up needing a more direct way to approach their customers than either Facebook and Twitter can offer. Having a dedicated web space for your company allows you to offer your customers ease of access to information, while also increasing your authority in your industry and your customer reach.

Unfortunately, building a website isn’t always simple. There are people out there who have dedicated their entire lives to learning the language that is required to create beautiful, functional webpages, and they get paid a lot of money to bring client’s ideas of how to portray themselves, to life. Fortunately, there are many less expensive alternative easy to use website building platforms out there available to those that just want a website, but do not want to commit a large part of their marketing budget to making a reality.

Below are just a sampling of these services, each of which is geared towards creating a different type of site for a specific need that each publisher may have. Starting out with one of these services is a great way to start to feel the positive impact that a web presence can have.

1. Wix

Wix’s simple interface is easy to use and offers the simplicity of drag and drop placement of site features, which is incredibly convenient for those that have no experience with HTML or coding of any kind. The basic service is free to use, but of course, the free option has many limitations. Wix also offers an e-commerce option, allowing users to create online stores using wix’s innovative and simple to use interface.

Wix’s only major set back is in fact pricing, since the basic features available for free are minimal and force the user to display a banner Even the e-commerce package is not available with a free account however, and starts at around $16/month with a yearly subscription, meaning that those looking to set up an online store from the get-go, cannot do so without a financial commitment. Month by month plans are available as well, but of course, are a couple more dollars monthly than an annual subscription.

2. Go Daddy

Well known for its domain name selling services, many people don’t realize that Go Daddy is actually a full featured web services company, offering everything from hosting to domains to website creation services. Compared to other site builders out there, the best thing about Go Daddy’s website creation service is the price. With their frequent sales, services can often be obtained for as low as $1/month with a year commitment for a basic site.

Aside from being a reputable provider with a strong support system and a large customer base, Go Daddy’s site building service also offers the ease of drag and drop designing, as well as suite of social features to use. However Go Daddy is notorious for raising their prices for renewals, so while your initial year may be inexpensive, keeping your site for subsequent years may prove less frugal. However, by then, you may want to upgrade to a more professional service that allows you to build something from scratch to meet your growing needs.

3. Squarespace

For those concerned with the aesthetic appeal of the back end, Squarespace is a wonderful platform to use. Their innovative and intuitive dashboard allows for customization of almost every aspect of the site, including layout, images and mobile friendly versions of a site using only drag and drop customization.

The website offers services starting at $8/month, which is relatively affordable considering that they offer almost every service that a site builder could want. Squarespace also offer premium accounts with more options, and offers a free trial that allows users to try the service before committing to it, but as a relative newcomer on the scene, their support system is still being built. The company does offer a lot of information on their website, which makes building a site easier and faster.

4. WordPress

If none of the above services give you the look or feel that you want, then your best bet is to start working on WordPress’s infinitely customizable platform. Used by many professional as a base for many a website, WordPress can be setup fairly easily on a private hosting service, but can also be used directly from The beauty with WordPress is that it allows users to create any type of site they wish to have. The problem is that working with WordPress requires a little to a lot more technical knowledge to get some of the nicer results.

WordPress does provide a bevvy of pre-made themes and plugins that can be used. However, with user generated themes comes user generated support, and often, you can find yourself between a rock and a hard place trying to resolve an issue on a WordPress built site. Still, with time, patience the right theme and a couple YouTube videos, building a WordPress site could be easier than you imagined.

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