E-TRACES Bring High Technology to the World of Ballet


When a ballerina moves, she must be very aware of every part of her body because it is every extension of an arm, every point of a toe that makes a dance complete, memorable, and beautiful. Still, in the blur and focus of a dance routine, it can be hard to gauge exactly what is happening, track mistakes, and pin-point areas where improvements can be made.

Now, a final project created by Lesia Trubat, a student attending ELISAVA in Barcelona, allows dancers to track their every step. Trubat’s project, called E-TRACES, records every motion, allowing dancers to replay and study their moves, extract images, and gather data that could help them become better dancers and avoid injury-causing damage as a result of incorrect movements. E-TRACES can help dancers spot the incorrect movement that can lead to sprains, stress fractures and other things that would put a dancer at risk. The project is made possible by using a Lilypad Arduino, an accelerometer and some pressure sensors.

The technology could make dancing safer for some athletes who at times, demand too much from their bodies. However, the resulting images created by the E-TRACES can also be art on their own, with each dance resulting in a different pattern, unique to the dancer and her dance.

While they may not look like the most beautiful prototypes yet, the E-TRACES are still in their development, and a first for the ballet world. Read more about the E-TRACES shoes on the Atmel Corporation blog.







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