Durr: The Watch that Teaches Wearers to Value Time

Creative types often find that they have a tendency to lose track of time when they are lost in their creative flow. Hours turn to minutes, minutes become milliseconds and before you know it its time to face another day. Now, a new product called Durr, by Skrekstore, is a watch meant to, “stabilize our malleable perception of time.” The watch features no hour arms, no minutes or seconds, either. It features no lights to interpret, no digital display, nothing. Instead, Durr vibrates every five minutes to remind wearers that time is passing, despite how long they’ve been doing whatever they’ve been doing.

Over time, Vedeler says, the five-minute buzz becomes a part of daily rhythm, and makes you aware of the time going by, despite what you’re doing. The buzz is neither disruptive the way a beep is, or imposing the way a cellular notification is.

The watch is available in a slew of colors and is currently available via the Skrekstore for $125.





Category: Technology